How LEMR Works

We install, manage and support the LEMR integration software and device applications for you! The aim is to provide a well supported and seamless link between your EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software and various medical devices in a variety of IT infrastructure solutions found in medical organisations.

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Features of LEMR

Easily start, capture and view tests of various medical devices for your patient, and have the medical device software's test report uploaded directly into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Patient demographic details are passed to the medical device software from the patient's file and the test report goes right back in when completed - saving time and reducing the risks related to manual data entry and handling of documents.


Fast, efficient and seamless link between your EMR system and medical devices

Expert Support
Expert Support

Includes expert support for connected devices and integration

Simple to use
Simple to use

Simplified operation for more efficient practice workflow

More Accurate Recording
More accurate recording

LEMR helps decrease the risk of human error

Secure Data

Clinical data is secure: encrypted in transit and at rest

Remote Access
Remote Environment Support

LEMR supports Remote Desktop and Citrix IT environments

EMR systems

LEMR integrates with the following EMR systems. For more details, visit our Wiki page

Integration for other EMR systems are in development. If you would like to recommend an EMR system for future LEMR releases, please get in contact with us.

Medical devices

LEMR integrates with products from the following vendors. For more details, visit our Wiki page.

Integrations with other medical devices are being developed. If you would like to recommend any medical devices for future LEMR releases, please get in contact with us.

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Rest assured, your patient’s data is safe

LEMR is 100% Australian owned and operated and meets Australian privacy, data security and practice accreditation standards. All clinical data is protected by multiple layers of encryption during transit and at rest, and all data stays here in Australia. LEMR’s online services are proudly hosted by Serversaurus: a Certified B Corp with legendary all Australian-based operations and infrastructure. We work hard to maintain the highest level of security possible.

If you are looking for a simple to use solution to integrate your primary care devices with your EMR system, LEMR can help.

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